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Strength for Humans





Licensed Massage Therapist

Human Biomechanics Specialist

Justin McDonald HBS, LMT, CFSC

Injury Rehab

Use Functional Patterns to assess your issues and develop a plan to help your body heal.

Functional Training

Enhance your movement according to your biological blueprint as a human.

Athletic performance

Improve your explosiveness, power, agility, coordination, and overall athleticism through Functional Patterns.

Myofasical Release

Manual therapy designed to target problem areas that are causing you pain and holding back your movement potential.


"Move and Function Pain Free"

Functional Patterns

Gait Cycle

"Humans are adapted to walk and Run as priorities."

Naudi Aguilar



My name is Justin McDonald, I am a Human Biomechanics Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Licensed Massage Therapist.  I've been working to optimize the health and quality of life of my communities since I interned as a personal trainer at a local functional fitness gym in Illinois. 

I moved to Colorado Springs in April of 2019 and am thrilled to bring relief from pain, precision in application, mechanistic thought, enhanced movement, improved athletic performance, and higher quality of life to the greater Colorado Springs.

A group of newly certified Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialists.
A picture of Justin McDonald, Owner, Human Biomechanics Specialist, and Licensed Massage Therapist.


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6805 Corporate Drive, Suite 125, Colorado Springs 80919

Tel: 815-540-1688

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Hip Pain - How to Improve Hip Pain and Discomfort

Hip Pain - How to Improve Hip Pain and Discomfort

Here's an exercise/technique that will help to improve your hip stability and dynamic movement capability. PARABALL 5LBS: BLACK BANDS: BLUE BANDS: FP PULLEY MACHINE: DECOMPRESSION TANK: FP HUMAN FOUNDATIONS 10 WEEK ONLINE COURSE: TRAINING FOR HUMANS- THE POWER OF POSTURE- Human Foundations-